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DevOps Moldova is a community of passionate DevOps engineers and enthusiasts hailing from Moldova, dedicated to sharing their expertise and assisting others on their journey to mastering the art of DevOps. Unlock the Power of Collaboration in DevOps: Join Our Community of Innovators!

🍿 Our principles

Free - All our resources are open-source and accessible to the community without any charges.

Simple - We aim to provide explanations that cater to both novices and experts, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to advanced concepts

CompanyFree - Our primary focus is on serving the community, rather than catering to corporate interests. We acknowledge and recognize companies that support our mission as valued partners

Enthusiasts - We welcome collaboration with DevOps enthusiasts who are eager to share their experiences with the community

📅 Our Events

✍ Trainings:

15-26 April 2024 - Azure Fundamentals course

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Dear DevOps Enthusiast,

Are you passionate about DevOps and looking for a vibrant community to connect, learn, and grow with? Look no further! We invite you to become a part of our thriving DevOps community, where enthusiasts like you are shaping the future of IT operations.

Why should you join us?

Collaborative Learning: Our community is built on the foundation of shared knowledge. By joining, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, from beginners to experts, all eager to help each other succeed.

Hands-On Workshops: We regularly host hands-on workshops, where you can gain practical experience in the latest DevOps tools and best practices. Whether you're just starting or seeking to advance your skills, there's something for everyone.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and experts in the field. Our community offers networking events, meetups, and forums to foster connections that can lead to career opportunities and valuable insights.

Open-Source Initiatives: We are committed to open-source principles. Explore and contribute to our open-source projects, making a tangible impact on the DevOps ecosystem.

Problem Solving: Do you have a DevOps challenge that's been keeping you up at night? Share it with the community, and together, we'll work towards solutions and innovation.

Career Growth: Whether you're a student, early-career enthusiast, or an experienced DevOps engineer, our community is a platform for continuous learning and professional development.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and welcome individuals from all backgrounds. Our community is a safe and inclusive space for everyone to thrive.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your DevOps knowledge, collaborate with experts, and build a network that can propel your career forward.

Ready to get started? Join us today by visiting our website or following us on Linkedin. Together, we'll revolutionise the DevOps landscape.

Let's shape the future of DevOps together!

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