The Problem

By default, Docker keeps its data in /var/lib/docker directory.

As Docker can expand rapidly and big, most of default partitioning during OS installation could lead to running out of disk pretty quickly, as we are tempted to try more and more Docker images.

Likelly, it's easy to fix that by having all that data moved to a different partition or even dedicated disk drive.

Occasionally, you might need test files of exact size, to test transfer speeds for instance. Here is how

First of all, install Docker on your system. Please refer to official docs

For Linux, add to your ~/.bash_aliases the flowing lines

# Docker setup
alias aws='docker run --rm -ti -v ~/.aws:/root/.a...

Recent, am instalat ultimile înnoiri pentru Jenkins, care rulează pe o mașină virtuală pe Alpine Linux 13.x

E un proces extrem de simplu:

jenkins:~# apk update
jenkins:~# apk upgrade
jenkins:~# reboot

Imediat ce mașina virtuală s-a reîncărcat, am observat că Jenkins nu mai este disponibil


Recent am avut ceva durere de cap cu cele enumerate în titlu. Folosesc Bitbucket Pipelines la un proiect, iar pentru a face deploy pe AWS, am decis să merg cu CodeDeploy.

Aici este articolul de bază, de unde m-am inspirat: